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The office of the Standing Chapter 13 Trustee services parties in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy cases in the Eastern District of Missouri. The Trustee accepts queries regarding case status by mail or by phone; contact information is shown below. The Trustee will not respond to requests for information via e-mail.

The Trustee's office cannot provide legal advice. If you are a debtor in Chapter 13 who needs advice about your Chapter 13 case, please contact your attorney for assistance.

Trustee Fee Percentage Change

The Trustee's percentage fee will change to 4.75% with the May 2014 disbursement.

CLE Credit for Trustee Seminar

The Trustee's April Bankruptcy Seminar was approved for CLE credit as follows:

Morning Session: 2 hours

Afternoon Session: 4 hours with 1 hour ethics

REMINDER for Attorneys

Use of the new Schedule I & Schedule J forms is required for all cases.

ePay Online Payment Service

The Trustee is pleased to introduce the ePay Online Payment Service for debtors to submit Chapter 13 plan payments to the Trustee via the internet, securely and easily.

For more information, and to get started, please click here

NOTICE: Proof of Debtor SSN Requirements

Per the Standing Trustee Handbook:

"At the meeting of creditors, each individual debtor must present original government-issued photo identification and confirmation of the debtor's social security number. ...Any document used to confirm a debtor's identity and Social Security number must be an original."

Copies of debtors' Social Security cards will no longer be accepted. Acceptable forms of proof of Social Security number include: Social Security card, medical insurance card, pay stub, W-2 form, IRS Form 1099, and Social Security Administration Statement.

Revised Chapter 13 Model Plan

The Bankruptcy Court has revised its Chapter 13 Model Plan. The revised plan goes into effect on November 1, 2012, and will be mandatory for all Chapter 13 cases filed on or after that date. For more information see the Court's notice linked below:

Revised Chapter 13 Model Plan
Attorney Disbursements via EFT

The Trustee is now making disbursements to debtors' attorneys via Electronic Funds Transfer. Attorneys representing debtors who would like to participate should complete the authorization agreement found below and mail it to the Trustee's office. Please contact us with any questions!

Click here to access the Attorney EFT Authorization Form
Disbursement Cut-Off Date

The Trustee's disbursement cut-off date for September, 2014, is Thursday, September 25.


Please see the following notice regarding continuance procedures for confirmation hearings, motions to amend Chapter 13 plan, motions or objections filed by the debtor, and motions or objections filed by the Trustee:

Click Here
As of July 1, 2014, the allowed interest rate for secured creditors in the Eastern District of Missouri is 4.75%.
NOTICE: New Procedure for Mortgage Claims

Please review the announcement at the link below of a new Chapter 13 procedure for the filing of mortgage claims by debtors' attorneys:

Click here to view the announcement.
Guidelines for Mortgage Claims

The U.S. Trustee Program has developed "Guidelines for Reviewing Mortgage Claims" for implementation by all Chapter 13 Standing Trustees. These guidelines are available here:

Guidelines for Reviewing Mortgage Claims

Note that Local Rule 3001-A requires a breakdown of the amount identified as pre-petition home loan arrearage.

NACTT Academy Website

In this, its first month, will post contributions from Trustees Kevin Anderson and Robert Drummond and Bankruptcy Judges Karlin, Markell, Kennedy, McGarity, Emerson, Tchaikovsky, and Thurman. It will also feature interesting "case of the day" summaries by Judges Lundin and William H. Brown, thoughtful articles on ethic issues in consumer bankruptcy by Tom Waldron and podcast interviews with Hank Hildebrand, Andrea Celli, Judge Roger Efremsky, and Ricardo Kilpatrick. Professor David Epstein has authored this month's lead article. In addition to outstanding substantive resources, will offer links to many high volume consumer bankruptcy-related websites as well as selected articles examining the mortgage issues, statistical information and other current topics of interest to consumer bankruptcy practitioners. Finally, will also provide a link to, the all-new online version of the Lundin Chapter 13 treatise and case notes.

We hope you will bookmark and make it your one-click site for all of your electronic bankruptcy needs and interests. The website will officially debut in San Francisco at the NACTT annual seminar and its contents will be available for preview by all for the months of July, August, and September. Beginning October 1st, however, certain sections will be designated as "member only" and will be accessible to members of the Academy only.

The fee for general membership is $275 but to encourage early enrollment by practitioners, those that join by July 12th will be eligible for a significant discount. We know that you have limited resources and many choices for educational materials but we can assure you that no other source will provide the unique insights into Chapter 13 practice that will be available through the Academy.

The benefits of NACTT Academy membership have been designed to complement, and not compete, with the benefits of NACTT membership and, hand in hand, we hope to increase awareness of the benefits of Chapter 13 and to improve consumer bankruptcy practice nationwide.

Take a look and see what you think! If you really want to be up to date and up to the minute, this is the place to be!

Disbursement Vouchers Now Available Online

The Trustee's web site now offers vouchers for disbursement checks up to one year old through the web site. After login, in the Main Page search box, you can now search for check numbers by prefixing a pound sign to the check number. In addition, in the claim detail, creditor detail, and payment listing for any case, the check numbers for which a voucher is available will appear as hyperlinks which display the associated voucher in a new window. The voucher display includes a link to a version of the voucher as comma-separated values suitable for import into Excel or other spreadsheet programs. Please contact the Trustee's office with any questions!


The Bankruptcy Court has implemented a new method for numbering proofs of claim in CM/ECF. The new claim number is comprised of the original claim number (e.g, claim number "2") and a hyphen and a number indicating whether it's the original claim or an amended claim. For example, a creditor files an original claim in a case; the claim is assigned the number "2-1". The creditor then amends the claim; the amended claim is assigned the number "2-2". The number after the hyphen increases incrementally with each amendment.

Objections to claim must include the complete number.

Plan Calc tool on the Trustee's Web Site

The Trustee's web site now offers a plan calculation program to help attorneys assess feasibility, estimate a plan's payout potential, analyze the effects of changes to claims, delinquency, and confirmation delays on a plan over time, and more. In order to effectively use the program, it is essential that all interested users review the documentation available below. After reviewing the documentation, users interested in more detailed advanced training should contact our office for an appointment.

NOTE: The Trustee makes no representation or assurance concerning the accuracy or completeness of results obtained via Plan Calc. The operation of Plan Calc has no bearing on or relationship to the actual disbursement of trust funds by the Trustee. The Trustee does not warrant that the operation of Plan Calc will be free from error or defect.

Click Here to review the Plan Calc documentation.

Regarding Requests for Plan Balance Amounts...

The trustee will provide a figure to pay the balance of a case as required by law only on request of debtor's counsel and only to the person as requested by debtor's counsel. However, with the proper authorization to a lending institution, the figure to pay the balance of a case as required by law will be provided to the designated institution if debtor's counsel has a motion to refinance or incur debt pending.

Case Information through the National Data Center

The Trustee's case information is now available to debtors and other parties in interest through the National Data Center. Please visit the National Data Center web site for more information.

Delinquency Information on the Trustee's web site.

The Trustee's office offers delinquency information on active cases through this web site. Users should be aware that this information is offered for your convenience, but the Trustee offers no guarantee of currency or accuracy. Generally, information on active cases should be accurate within two days of receipts and payment due dates. Nevertheless, in order to obtain the most current and accurate delinquent amount, users should calculate the debtor's delinquency themselves using the plan terms and the Trustee's record of receipts. Please note that delinquency information on dismissed or converted cases is NOT offered. Users seeking delinquency information for dismissed cases must calculate the delinquent amount manually, or call the Trustee's office for assistance.

Access to Chapter 13 case information is available online to parties in interest who have read and completed the access agreement available on this page. Interested parties should download and complete the access agreement and mail the original to the address below. Please contact the office for more information.

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